ANNOUNCEMENT: Reflections on the Creativity Crisis for Real Humans

A lifetime ago, about several months, this loose figure figured he would go worldwide on us, and spam us with his words on the wonderful. Wanted to write about art, artists, and artistry, before it would all be blown away by the storm of Negligence and Foolishness that is headed in human kind’s way. So we stepped in and offered him a ride on this thing in reality, we told him, that we call a blog. An enthusiastic start (see the mission statement, entry one) soon near-died to become a digital carcass that could only be brought back to life by some magical whirlwind.

There were indeed some hitches along the road. But tonight at midnight, IG Karfield will finally be read. And magic in the form of unfounded madness has swept by.

If you love art, and don’t mind a few inspired lines of incoherent psychobabble about European art on a (nearly) daily basis, please subscribe to this nifty nutter’s blog by entering your email address under the title ‘Spam from a Poet,’ and find a new entry of prose or poetry in your mailbox every 36 hours or so.

For those of you that have been patiently awaiting this moment here announced, we thank you for your perseverance and appreciation of the romantic nature of this writer of wrights…out of nowhere, and hope that you will find what you have been waiting for.

Spearhead art editor

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