The reason why this blog has been called into life is best described in the writer’s own words. The following is an excerpt from IG Karfield’s mission statement “On the Bildensturm of Negligence and Foolishness” (the first entry of this blog):

In a world where governments are seemingly collectively pulling out of cultural funding, and a world where devastation or transience (without appropriate acceptance thereof) are taking the shape of the latest, sellable hype, I am going to take what’s left of creativity and use it to destroy that hype. I am going to make sure the world doesn’t forget and therefore will do everything in its power to maintain, the single worldly phenomenon that exists for its own sake – art. Create in order to destroy, only to allow us to create again. Perhaps ‘defy’ is a better word when it comes to the hype of devastation, as it is less ambiguous in this context, and more appropriately describes what belongs to my personal capabilities. I will not be able to reverse the painfully slow Bildensturm of Negligence & Foolishness, yet I would certainly think myself capable of defying devastation by praising, preaching, and practicing creativity. And that should suffice, for devastation is hanging by a thread.


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