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Word from the unworld

We’ve just received a telegram from the writer, in which he explains that he unfortunately hasn’t been able to update us regularly on his findings during his journey through Europe. On one hand, there is the problem of having to adapt to our modern forms of communication; as stated above, Mr. Karfield uses telegrams, etc. to reach us.
A more fundamental issue, however unexpected, is a sort of linguistic, existentential crisis as he explains in the following writing he sent us by air mail:

More quiet than the lights can tell,
I sip on my liquor and spell out
Words that even ants can read.
English not my native tongue indeed,
But Dutch crawls underneath my skin;
To explain my disgust I cannot begin.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty works
That proves the language is for clerks
To spend their lives on copying;
To reproduce for kids to read,
Or ants, in so far as they please.
And even greater works of art
Have been created in the Northern parts
Of the lower, darker, starker lands of Europe,
Two boarders up from France.
And that’s the key precisely, the creator.
Masterpieces, see you later.
See you when your father rises –
To Adam, God held no surprises.
But Eve was appalled to hear of fruits,
And how their juices changed her roots.
She had to lure him into odd behavior,
Hoping he would be her savior.
Hoping he would come to bless her,
After he set out to test her.
An inherent contradiction here,
But Eve could never see so clear;
What God had made her for to do,
Like poems in Dutch by me and you:
To suffer from the well known source
That, since our birth, has been our force.
Yet somehow, we just can’t seem to cope.

Since Mr. Karfield has always written in his own, undefined language, there is reason to believe that this crisis may be the result of a severe case of homesickness. Please remember that his first steps into the real world are an experiment, and one of a spontaneous nature. Where Mr. Karfield comes from, a Tower of Babel type of incident hasn’t occurred, and having to choose a language to write in is novel to the writer. We do hope you will appreciate or at least respect this, and together with us can find the patience to await his correspondence concerning the stated mission.
It might just be so that his first writings, by now, are well underway. It is also probable that Mr. Karfield has long finished his journey through the cultural real world, and is on his way back home. However, from the telegram and air letter we received we can only deduct that he has thus far visited the following places; in this order:
Paris, France;
Montpellier, France;
Barcelona, Spain;
Figueres, Spain;
Marseille, France;
Rome, Italy;
Athens, Greece.

We, as much as you hopefully, would like to have received some poems or short stories by this time. Yet we do need to keep in mind the writer’s fundementally different nature as a fictitious being. We will do our very best to update this site again, or have Mr. Karfield update it himself, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest, and hopefully we will receive more of your subscription requests in the next weeks.

Pax et ars

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