Viennan verse: MADDER DANCE

Madder dance
The epiphany
Of insanity,
The mark of genius
As a human characteristic.
Bourgeois overthrown
By his music,
Autistic and faint,
Sophisticated and great.
Something to dance to
It ain’t…For some.
Something to do with
The classics –
Something like canvas or paint
In a world full
Of paintings and pain.
Just something to dance to.

This crazy bastard
Absorbed life from the sane,
Put it in perspective,
With angles, triangles
And sinful,
Sonar Saints for
The faint of heart.
Part of me is thinking
This is a ship of the shams.
A charter sinking
Like rock stars jamming,
Slamming, blowing stamina
Until the morning
Blows their cover –
And a re-up never comes.
Part of me is thinking
Mozart is as narcissistic
As your first lover.
Part of me is wrong.

Oh, come, and let
Me hear ye songs,
Ye crazy old bat
With ye hair did on.
Sing me to life
A little princess,
One with petite tits,
Scarlett lips,
And a t-shirt on
That says:
‘Mozart rocks,
But the Don sucks.’

One more note
Of neurologically funny
Money and copper,
Gold harps, violins within,
Inexistent choppers,
And the end is
About to begin.
Again, this next of kin –
If cankerous minds king –
This prodigal son
Marks the beginning
Of a new time:
The époque of crazy
Civilized forever.
The piano concerto
Just may be the jazz
To our bodily
Human as we are.

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