Catalonian rhyme: MISTA, MISTA

Mista, mista
Petey Pablo,
Go ahead and call me crazy.
I was worked up with finding
The places you worked at,
And I didn’t get to enjoy
Any of your works.
Well, one little piece, maybe.
That was that. 

Your invisible touch
Clutched my balls, and all
Hell broke loose between
The brain cells of my
Belly, get ‘em by the go.
War of the brain, I tell ya.
You don’t think it’s true?
You better believe me,
My mind was hungry,
My mind was greedy.

But you and I,
We only met in a snap,
Shared 27 nightcaps,
And what was
Was what it was,
Or, that was that.
Like the others did,
You didn’t leave me
Behind in a sea
Full of beautiful pictures,
Musical rapture,
For me to heed and defy. 

Instead, there was one teeny
Tiny little work,
Between two moments
In a brawl with a broad
And a jerk.
You can imagine
I couldn’t pay attention.
Got distracted from
Artistic pretension.

So, your genius has been swept
From my mumbling mind,
And thus your soul need my mumbling find…

I will get you, Petey

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